Why am i telling you about this game?

Although we all experience many stories every day, not all of them are suitable for promoting humanity and charity. Some stories will turn your dice for the worse and rob you of your humanness. You will find yourself in missions that can take you to your limits and beyond. The 7 levels are meant to give you a point of reference on your way to understand why some stories don’t follow the principle of “Let’s turn the dice” and in which levels of your game you should still grow and what you haven’t considered or been able to. Sometimes you can’t see your playground clearly, or you get overwhelmed by your emotions. You are paralyzed and unable to act or constructively express yourself and accept your dark spots. Sometimes your magic glasses are cloudy and it is difficult for you to see what surrounds you with love and understanding. Your world view is gloomy and your psychosis destructive and you feel all alone and not connected to the world at all.

It will also not always be in your power to turn the dice for the better. You must always consider who plays, plays in freedom. Who is forced to play cannot play. Each of you must decide for yourselves to become a part of this game, just like your fellow players. The game can only be played if everyone knows the rules and respects them. There will be people who will play their own game according to their own rules. You cannot force anyone to make the world a better place, to unite the people of the human family, or even to live and act benevolently and collectively. But you can hold on to your convictions and these stories will also teach you, test you, let you grow, train your skills in mindfulness and charity, understanding, tolerance and indulgence. Wherever your path may lead you, you must never forget that you are not under the sole control of your stories. You never know what life will bring to you, who will be able to turn your dice in moments when you have almost given up playing. I wish you confidence in life and in your fellow human beings, I wish you the courage to be driven by the flow of life to experience as many stories as possible. I wish you that some of these stories will be transformed into missions of dice turning.

I wish you that these stories will enrich you and encourage you on your way. And I personally wish that you will share these stories with your fellow human beings to give back to humankind its ancestral place in the world and to unite people in love and peace.

This is a manifesto
for love and peace.
Let’s share our stories !
Let’s turn the dice !