I want to tell you a story. I have experienced the story. However, I believe that stories do not belong to us, but that we experience them in order to share them. This story should belong to everyone who wants to hear it. It should be a gift that can be given to others. It is the story of the three dice.

I think that it is important to share our stories, experiences and wisdoms because none of us will ever be able to see and understand everything in our own little lives. The more people share their stories with us, the bigger and more diverse our vision of the world that surrounds us becomes.

Like a great world knowledge puzzle, of which every person receives a piece. When we learn to put our pieces together, our fragments together make a beautiful picture. But if we keep them for ourselves, in competition with each other, each one remains for himself and guards his apparent achievements, which will never be complete.

So as my fellow human beings you shared your puzzle pieces with me, now is the time to give you something back to thank you.